My Directions Website

MyDirections provides young people with the information they need to make decisions about the future. Each user has their own unique login and password and will access careers information tailored to their age and interests. Designed for use by young people in Year 7 up to the age of 19, MyDirections includes articles relevant to all the different stages of career planning. In addition, local events and opportunities are advertised on the website’s home page, outside of the login and password.


Accessing the site

Parents, carers and young people interested in using MyDirections, should check with their school or college to find out if they have a subscription to use it. Young people at institutions that do subscribe, will receive their own unique username and password to access and use MyDirections - which they can do at school or college and at home.


How young people will use the site

The first time a young person logs in to the site, they will be asked to complete a simple assessment about their career readiness. This information can be used by a careers adviser to identify those who might need extra support. Users are then asked to choose from 21 subjects, 5 routes and 19 sectors that interest them. A brief explanation about each option, ensures young people understand their choices before making their selection. MyDirections generates content associated with the user’s preferences and recommends other articles that may be of interest. Young people can alter their choices at any time - and also select if they are ‘undecided’. 


Site content

As well as providing factual information, MyDirections also encourages young people to think about careers they may not have thought of, by linking the subjects they have selected to a wide range of careers and courses. Useful websites related to the sectors and subjects they have chosen, enables users to undertake further detailed research should they want to.

In addition to tailored content, MyDirections also includes articles about general topics - for example, using labour market information, choosing qualifications and attending a careers event. A CV builder is available to all users and job search articles cover everything from where to look for vacancies, through to starting your first job or apprenticeship. Information about how a young person can contact their careers adviser is prominent on every page. 


Please click the MyDirections logo above to visit the site